Kids grow up fast and if it weren’t for the parents, uncles, and aunties of the world who take endless photos when they’re young, the special years of being a child would fly right by.

Family photos. Not everyone’s favorite subject, but now that I’m older, looking back on my old albums really make me appreciate each polaroid or printed Kodak image that represented me in the first few decades of my life. A time I’ll never get back or experience again. To me, that’s what makes a part of photography special. The ability it unlocks in each of us to instantly reminisce on what’s truly important.

The life that’s given to us and the family, friends, experiences, and vocations that make it worthwhile.

This genre of photography I don’t get to shoot too often, but when Adrienne called me up and presented the opportunity — my inner child did this:



The invitation to shoot in someone’s home means you’re accessing someone’s safe space. I don’t take it lightly. It’s where the most formative years of life is cultivated — the good, bad, ups and downs. Before our session, I texted back and forth with Adrienne to not only connect with her and her guys (two sons and a husband) a bit better, but to also learn a few things about parenthood. Her responses were charming.

I wanted to know how her kids warm up to people and she told me they’re very social. I was able to find this out myself when I first met her eldest son, he asked me questions after I set my backpack down like “Mr. Profit is that where you keep the camera?” They both love books and balls — throwing and catching them constantly (see if you can spot some in the photos).

This season of life for Adrienne represents loving chaos. Nothing is predictable or expected, but there is joy and humor everywhere. Her family embraces imperfection — the color and mess it brings — and continues to roll with the punches.

To the people closest to her, she’d like them to remember the happiness, connection, and playfulness of her family. They spend a lot of time playing on the floor in their living room together. And her boys are pure kinetic energy.

Inspiration comes from all over. It’s usually a passing moment or image, holiday traditions around this time of year, the smell of crisp air, belly laughs with her husband and contentment when the boys see or learn something new.

What touched me was how Adrienne shared the moment she brought her youngest son home from the hospital. She watched over them and saw the eldest the had a deep yearning to play with his new younger brother. Adrienne learned in that moment that each day was going to be about patience, re-meeting them each day, and loving them without judgement of herself.

And for added flare, I just wanted to know what gif she keeps in steady rotation. In rare form she responded with:



Being armed with such mental treasure in advance, I dropped by their wonderfully curated Minneapolis home on a Sunday afternoon and had a great family session.

The whole family showed up color coordinated and her eldest refrained from the loudest of kid mountain tops, “We have to dress up today because mommy told us to look nice!” These are some of the moments we shared and the time we spent together on Sunday, November 17:

Would I shoot families again? That’s a definite, yes! If you’re looking for a Minneapolis family photographer or family photographer in general throughout the year or during the holiday season, call me.

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