(of a person, especially a man) suave, courteous, and refined in manner.


2. an opening, usually circular, that limits the quantity of light that can enter an optical instrument.

Eyes are important. They are one of the, if not most important, way we consume and understand life. Our eyes are the first pair of “universal lenses” given to us by birth, but how many of us actually develop eyes that really see?

Have you ever met someone who was purposefully perceptive? Just through one glance, they can diagnose how you’re feeling, what you’re about to say, and describe your exact situation with poise, wisdom, and clarity that only comes through years of living.

This is what I mean when I say, “How many of us actually develop eyes that really see?” People like this are able to see a world that’s beyond the surface to capture and understand the moments that matter. Privy to a bigger picture. They notice the way humans move through the world gracefully or with a lack thereof. Given all that we hold in this world, how can we think deeply, see clearly, and live better?

I’ll admit, all of these things are a work in progress in my life, but the vehicle that helps me see and be different is photography. It’s my outlet to help me improve on the values I believe in.

Every season has its purpose.
“Urbane Aperture” came in a moment when there were more lows than highs. A lot of transition entered pockets of my life faster than I knew what to do with. A mix of good and bad moments balled into one fireball of experience.

These were events that either challenged me to be better or changed my outlook on the world. Luckily, I fell forward understanding that you grow through what you go through. It’s very easy to keep a chip on your shoulder and blame the cards you were dealt. Every season has its purpose and I believe we’re better served to try and see the lessons in life, not the losses.

What’s in a name?
We call the things we see out in the world by their name but have no real first-hand experience on how their name came to be (like “Tree” or “Air” for example). You could google it and find the etymology of the name you’re searching for, but that’s it. I can only imagine what it would have been like for the person tasked with creating and documenting what things mean in the early days of the world. It took me one whole year to land on a name for my expression of photography. It holds all my dreams, hopes, aspirations, and ways of engaging life critically by trying to develop eyes that see beyond the surface level. This name allows my current clients, future clients, friends, and family to hold me responsible as a professional. I’d say what’s in this name causes me to look at all I am responsible for and do my best to steward each one well.

Seeing through the eyes of others.
You’ve seen and experienced life through your own eyes. Lenses that have captured a worldview unlike anyone else. As you’ve transitioned through or approaching new seasons of your own, there’s a story waiting to be told. I’d be honored to play your modern-day historian, pick up my camera and a few lenses, and capture your bespoke moments in time. So, I ask, what story will we tell together?

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