Bright and vibrant fall colors always make me enjoy the changing of seasons. So, for this October post, I thought it would be an amazing time to reflect on a couple who has brought me along their wedding journey over the past year. Let’s look back to 2018 for a bit. When I first met Kolter and Hannah together, it was all energy, all fun, all the time. They are surrounded by a unique group of people with interesting personalities to match. And for Kolter’s proposal, he decided to do just that. Surround Hannah with all the love she knows, on a beautiful day out on a boat on July 7, 2018.

(Photos courtesy of Hannah and Kolter)

When I saw these photos online, I knew I wanted to make sure to capture that same connection in their engagement photos. We met up a few weeks later at Prohibition downtown and talked through the whole experience and I was fortunate to have them pick me as their photographer. 2018 for these two held a lot of change and transition happening in gradual spurts. Hannah just got a new job, they decided to move into their first apartment, and on top of that, they now had to plan a wedding together.

Fast forward a few months and on a wonderful fall day in October, we drove up to Taylor Falls and captured these moments to remember.

These two will be getting married on June 20, 2020 at The Cottage Farmhouse in Glencoe, Minnesota. I’ll be joining them again next year for the whole weekend to capture all the fly and flashy moments these two will bring to the camera.

One more thing that’s near and dear to my heart. Hannah and Kolter liked the photos we took so much, they decided to get one printed for the main wall in their apartment. Can you spot it?

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