My name is Profit and I think photography is a daily practice that helps me cultivate a deep sense of joy in my life. I first began creative storytelling in 2011 and haven’t stopped since. A deep passion of mine rests in the understanding that I’m here to shape light to capture what’s in the heart. Looking for that glint and shimmer of what animates us in those moments we feel most alive and confident, or most vulnerable and at the edge of our emotions.
When we work together I’ll try to make it feel like you’re talking with an old friend. The spark is always there. You’re able to pick up right where you left off and worry less about making an impression and focus more on taking in what’s right in front of you.
As a kid, I grew up in Minnesota and was raised in a single-parent household. I’m tender to the prayers of a mother who’s empowered me to do all I can. Such as graduating from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and being the career-oriented man I am today. For fun, I like to visit local spots like Eaton DC or Union Market, listen to music, or check out the latest pick-your-own adventure movie on Netflix. For food, I think dLeña has an amazing short rib taco, but if you disagree let’s share a meal and break bread.
The invitation to make a lasting memory or work that compels—I take with great honor, respect, and craft with care.
Let’s connect about something meaning-full
Meeting and working with new people ignites my passion. I deeply value the power of partnerships and celebrate the dignity, character, and talent of everyone I work with. If you’re looking for a photographer, don’t wait. Make that move and reach out for your amazing experience to begin. I’ll do my best to live up to a gold standard, high-touch, first-class experience for all involved.
and conscious of the present moment.
I am deep, passionate, and complex, just like any other person out there. My change and growth are found in how it’s refined. From week to week, I’m not living a passive life—but steady in search of meaning that allows me to experience its peaks with humble pride, but also walk through its valley’s with grace during the losses. The mantra becomes: being urbane brings new experiences, new lessons, and new strengths.
We make decisions. Attempt to get clarity, think big, be bold and find our moon. Chasing something so big and exciting it might not be imaginable to those around us. The constant on our journey towards wherever we’re going is that we don’t travel alone. When we’re surrounded by people who have our best interest in mind, we feel safe. Standing nearby a couple on their wedding day fuels my charge in order to help others needs truly lift off. “If you decide to look after the person to the left of you and to the right of you, you have become a leader.”—Simon Sinek
I’ve spent the last five years of my life in and out of the most tested and labor-intensive creative situations. I see these two values as my swiss army knife of skills I can tap into at any time. By having worked at one of the greatest advertising agency of all-time, my mind operates at a stronger, faster, and efficient pace to keep up—not slow down.
Overcommunication is better than low participation. I press into any engagement because it deserves that much of me. I champion a creators spirit, not only in photography, but also in my approach to solving problems.
I succeed when my clients are happy and shine brightly. Smiling from ear to ear and proud of the work we’ve accomplished together. I’m forever thankful to those who accept an invitation to collaborate together. They enable me to do what I do.
“Give to” are the words plastered on the billboard of my mind. The question I ask myself before, during, and after the creative process: Where can I make my unique contribution to serve, and where can I do it in a way that keeps me engaged, fulfilled, and most likely to continue serving others and making an impact. In the end, it says sacrifice is defined by actions intentionally made to promote the progress of one another.
The difference is, “I care” and you don’t need smoke-and-mirrors marketing, flashy colors, or over the top rhetoric to understand—you’ll feel it.
and conscious of coincidence and intuition.
Trends set the standard that everyone aspires to or tries to emulate through their work. Even after all that following and research, the truth is that we are human beings, not human doings. My clients are not trends and the people I work with are not either. By being able to focus on a select number of projects each year, I’m able to consistently get to know each need in a meaningful way and deliver high-quality experiences and photos that reflect a unique moment in time.
Modern, photojournalistic, and vivid photography influenced by fine art and fashion.
Serving looks, anticipating smiles, laughter, tears, and hugs like my name depends on it.
My camera is always at the ready and I sometimes shoot with a two-camera setup. This enables me to let the real moments and emotions unfold without missing a beat. I pride myself on having an awareness of my surroundings, knowledge of how grown-ups (and little humans) act, and bring patience into the process. I like to stay calm, relaxed, and fun, but also firm when you need an extra hand to get something done. Flow and ease is important, but I’m also direct when you need me to wrangle staff, friends, or both sides of the family on your big day.
No one gets to where they are alone. A hand up instead of handouts are always more than welcome.
When I have great people in my network, I make it an effort to highlight them and share the wealth. This journey of life isn’t all about me, it’s about making lifelong connections along the way. Here are some of the partners I’m fortunate to work with in success who are willing to pass along some of their skills and benefits on to you.
I work with the partnerships manager from the Black Tux who runs an exclusive VIP program that I get to share with my clients. The Black Tux designs high-end rental suits and tuxes that actually fit, in a range of styles from timeless to modern. They use a fit algorithm to predict your sizes. Then, their fit specialists review your sizes at one of their local shops (Ex. Nordstrom Ridgdale Center in Wayzata, MN) to ensure everything fits as it should.


In tune to each task along our journey, so you stay stress free.


Always in the pursuit of learning new skills that help craft a better image.

People Skills

A good photo isn't enough. I also interact (when appropriate) to draw out all the right emotions.

Eye for Detail

It might seem small, but they're a big delight to look back on.

Crafty & Scrappy

I take pride in my work, but not afraid to get dirty to get the shot or solve a problem.


I drive results and stay goal-oriented with the teams and clients I work with.

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