Before I get into it, this isn’t a paid sponsorship or promoted post, but glad to call them one of my partners in success and I really like their gear. Consider me a fan. For the Minnesota market, The Black Tux location in the Minnetonka Ridgedale Mall off of highway 394 has been open since February and sometimes the clients I work with don’t have a clue where to start putting the pieces of their wedding together, so I thought The Black Tux would be a perfect clothier to discuss. You’ll see their tuxes all across vendor lists and credits in the wedding industry. Just like any other vendor, they help make weddings what they are—cherished moments to remember and one of the best dressed days of your life. There’s an approach to the craft, distinct voice, and quality of their work that I like and I’m hoping my groom and groomsmen clients might too.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to figure out this whole wedding thing. From the food, florist, and first dance song, to where to seat your handsy great aunt at the reception—it’s hard to fathom just how many decisions are involved in planning a wedding until you’re neck deep in them. Then, one day, you wake up in a cold sweat from a nightmare about your tuxedo pants making you look like someone out of “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.”

There’s no single emotion that describes wedding planning: It’s overwhelming but fun and exciting at the same time. Simply put, it’s complicated.

But before you decide to throw in the towel on this whole complicated wedding thing, book it to Vegas, and let Elvis marry you, let us reassure you: We get it. We’re here for you. And we’re going to get through this together.

— The Black Tux

Get Your Fit On: The Building Blocks of Fit

If you don’t know your size, use their Fit Formula to build an archetype of your preferred look. The Black Tux site will ask you to create an account. Keep that information for your future purchase. It’s helpful for the in-person visit if you ever decide to visit a showroom like I did.

I recommend setting up an appointment. If you drop in, you might catch one of the reps on a busy day and they most likely might not be able to get you in. They’ll try, but it’s not worth waiting an hour and some change to go through another hour of measurements, fitting, and identifying adjustments. The experience works best when you’re booked with an appointment. You could do it at the store or with their support line at 1-(844)-313-1645.

When you enter the Nordstrom at Ridgedale, you’ll find The Black Tux tucked in the back left-hand side of the store (when you enter from the main doors). That’s where you’ll go to get fitted up. If you end up having to wait, take a look around as I did. Don’t let the mannequins outdress you. As Jidenna said, “I don’t want my best dressed day to be in a casket.”

The Process and Experience

For my appointment, I worked with Momena. The one thing I really appreciated about her was that she was adamant about making sure she grabbed measurements and a fit that worked well with my body type.

Momena first asked if I had an account set up in order to add notes and the measurements to my account. I had given her the email I initially setup my Black Tux account with and we were off. She double-checked the measurements against what I entered from their Fit Formula sizes and once we were done, she went to the back and grabbed a tuxedo jacket, shirt, pants, bowtie, and shoes for me to try out. It’s not a large perk, but a nice touch to the experience is how they throw in a quality pair of dress socks for you to take home with you.

If you rented online (depending on how picky you are with your personal style), the process could take somewhere between 25 – 35 minutes to complete, including adding your measurements. After you’re logged into your account, you’ll be able to add a name and label for your occasion, select the date and what type of event it is, and then pick how many people will be renting. If you’re looking for a cohesive look for all the men that are playing a part in the ceremony/wedding party, you can get it all done through your account.

You can browse through their suits & tuxedo options or make a pick from their styled outfits. After you’ve landed on a look, you’re able to add a label to the suit or tux you’re renting to keep the style and order neat and tidy.

If you didn’t select a pre-styled outfit, you’ll be asked to add accessories to round everything out.

Shipping is included at their base price point of $95.00 and up, unless you need your items expedited or your purchasing items under their base price point, which can run from $20 to $40. Once your event is over, you have three days to return the rental with prepaid postage. If something isn’t returned, here’s what kind of bill you might have to cough up based on your order:

The Unreturned Fees for individual items are as follows: Jacket $425; Pants $250; Shirt $80; Vest $250; Cufflinks/Studs $40; Ties $40; Suspenders $40; Cummerbunds $40; Pocket Squares $40; Belt $40; Shoes $90; Hanger $4; Garment Bag $10, plus applicable sales tax. After your rental, make sure you get those items back or fill out their extended rental form.

A Hat Tip to Quality

The Black Tux works with one of the largest family-owned suiting mills in Biella. They source high-end wool that makes their garments comfortable and serves for an overall elevated look. Distinctly apart from shopping at your local Savvi. Their fabric supplier is based in Pontoglio and works with the likes of Louis Vitton, Dries Van Noten, and Supreme. Their silk supplier in Lake Como is recognized around the world for silk spinning and weaving.

The Finished Product

Once you’re all styled and fitted, you’ll be ready for your wedding or next major event.

Also, here’s a quick shout out to The Black Tux team for sharing the post on Twitter!

Have any tips, feedback, or notes to share about your experience? Drop me a note.

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